Crimes Of Passion

A new level for Vintage crime drama from Sweden has been set with Crimes of Passion. Based on the books by Maria Lang, a writer who is considered the Scandinavian Agatha Christie, the series comprises gorgeous, compelling mystery films set in the magic beauty of Bergslagen, a stunning Swedish region. Across six episodes, we meet Puck and Einar Bure along with police superintendent Christer Wijk in their quest to catch the killer. The murderer is always “one of us” and the murder plots are crimes of passion. Each episode is a classic whodunnit where we follow the lives and fortunes of interesting characters in an exciting thriller filled with love, sex, intrigue, betrayal, secrets, lies, and death.

 ”The task of the mystery is to offer a few hours of legitimate escape from reality by engaging us in a problem. Its light, sometimes absurd, tone of comedy is more important to me than heavy and serious social realism.” – Maria Lang.


DVD $44.95

2 x DVD

Language: Swedish (with English Subtitles)

Run time: 6 eps x 58 min

Rating: M (Mature times, violence, infrequent course language and sex scenes)

Year: 2013

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