The Legacy, Season 2

Signe is struggling to get a hemp farm up and running at Gronnegaard. Thomas has, incredibly, fathered a baby with a confused young woman named Isa. Emil languishes in a Thai jail having been set up, his life getting harder by the day. And Gro has acquired a taste for creating dubious and mysterious works of art in her mother’s name in the basement of Gronnegaard.

These are just a handful of the plot-lines that drive this second an final series of The Legacy. Unique and unmissable Danish TV from the makers of Borgen and The Killing.


DVD $44.95

3 x DVD

Language: Danish (with English Subtitles)

Run time: 7 eps x 55 min (approx)

Rating: M (Mature themes, violence, sex scenes, course language and nudity)

Year: 2015

"This gripping exploration of greed, jealousy and rivalry has made it a huge success in Denmark – and for good reason... more layers than a platter of pastries"

- Andrew Collins, The Guardian

"Brilliantly done, leaving a cloud of poisonous possibility and complexity hanging in the air...intensity, intrigue, superb acting and a sheen of effortless style and chilly sophistication."

- Gerard O’Donovan, The Telegraph UK

"Complex, flawed, real characters having complex, flawed, real relationships."

- Sam Wollaston, The Guardian